Community Update

The Soppy Bit

I, on behalf of everyone connected to AboveInfinity would like to thank you all for being here and being part of the community.

We are very much grateful that you continue to show us that level of support, especially since we can't boast having the numbers nor the 'activity' that most other communities enjoy (only just surpassed the 70 members mark).

However in time, we hope that our hardwork will pay off and make this one of the most vibrant gaming communities out there that is also mixing it with the big boys of Esports.


As we may or may not know, with the help from @Tomlikeafox#7782 we are venturing into the unknown and creating a Paladins team that will take over the world (well, eventually).

Good progress has been made and we all look forward to seeing how this pans out and of course want to see them in action.

We are happy to support them as much as we can on their competitive journey.

This is by no means the end of it, we are always looking at every possibility and avenue there is and happy to hear any suggestions.

Plan of Action

Our number one priority is to grow the community on discord and our social media presence.

So please remember to spread the word and make sure you follow our various accounts and get involved. You can find the most relevant ones in #welcome.

General invite link:

Somewhat regular giveaways (at least one a month) are planned to commence soon. Possibly once we have reached over 100 members ;)

    * alts, bots, etc won't count towards that total


The application forms are now live if you feel you (or someone you know) would like to contribute more.

  Content Creator (Streamer/YouTuber/Designer/etc):

  Team Member (Player/Coach/Staff/Developer/etc):

Join our discord (here) to discuss this or anything else gaming/esports related.

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Published 11 months ago
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