Nintendo Denies Switch Lite Will Be Joined By Another New System This Year

Nintendo surprised everyone this morning with an addition to the Nintendo Switch family. The Nintendo Switch Lite--a lighter, cheaper version of Nintendo's flagship device--is set to launch this September and makes a few minor adjustments to hit its more affordable price tag. Despite rumors of another Nintendo Switch console, said to feature improved hardware over the existing model, the company says there are no other new pieces of Switch hardware coming this year.

GameSpot sister site CNET shared the news at the tail end of its report. According to newly-appointed Nintendo president Doug Bowser, the Nintendo Switch Lite is the only new Nintendo Switch console this year. Bowser says the traditional Nintendo Switch won't receive any updates or upgrades. However, there are reports of an upgraded Nintendo Switch console in production.

Bowser seems to suggest Nintendo is sticking to just two options: the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite. Hardware adjustments are nothing new for Nintendo, as the company is notorious for introducing incremental upgrades to its long-running DS family. The 3DS lineup consists of the 2DS (2013), the 3DS (2011), the 3DS XL (2012), the New 3DS (2014), the New 3DS XL (2015), and the New 2DS XL (2017).

Though it may be cheaper than the Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Switch Lite will still support Amiibos, features device switching, will receive a Pokemon Sword and Shield model, and comes with a notable controller improvement.

The Nintendo Switch Lite launches on September 20 for $200 USD / $287 AUD / £160 GBP. You can check out the announcement trailer below.

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