Our First Stream

Thank you for all those who came and supported the stream. It was amazing, pity about that last match though ;)

We had 17 chatters, 12 new followers & an average of 9 people watching over the course of the 5 hours streamed.

Not bad at all for the first stream.

Looking forward to the many more in the very near future.


Jermain decided to spontaneously throw down a challenge during the stream that would have seen us giveaway a copy of H1Z1 if we hit 20 concurrent viewers (bots not included)

We didnt quite reach it :sob:

So during the next stream (TBD), 20 or more concurrent viewers will trigger a giveaway at the end of the stream, for H1Z1 and maybe something else thrown in too :wink:

If you can't wait until then, join our discord (here) to ask if someone could discuss things further.

Author AboveInfinity
Published 2 months ago
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