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Mediumcore, Expert Mode, Server-Sided Characters
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Recently set up a server for our community & friends to play together and try to not die that often.
It is server sided characters and requires you to play on mediumcore.
The players have defeated King Slime, Eye of Cthulhu and Eater of Worlds so far. Next up is Queen Bee.
If you want to play, then please join the CastleDaft discord for more information ( invite link ).

The epic tale of CastleDaft on Terraria

First Goblin Army InvasionFri, 12th Jun 2020

Defended our settlement with ease (well Daft did, Scots just died alot). LASERS ARE OP

Skeletron Gets The Better Of UsTue, 9th Jun 2020

Woefully unprepared & undergeared to take on Skeletron. Also the sand gun sucks

Eater of Worlds Dealt WithThu, 4th Jun 2020

Another boss defeated at the third attempt. 3 of us were victorious against the Eater of Worlds. They are getting tougher :P

Eye of Cthulhu DefeatedSat, 30th May 2020

Another boss is downed, the Eye of Cthulhu was defeated at the third time of asking

King Slime DefeatedMon, 25th May 2020

Took us until the third attempt to defeat him, but we did it. The 1st try doesnt really count since we were very ill prepared

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