Change Is Coming

Over the last 15 months, we have been collectively working hard to shape AboveInfinity into becoming an esports organisation.

Seeing teams representing AboveInfinity in Paladins, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive & Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 have obviously been the highlights during this time.
Unfortunately due to circumstances outwith our control, each one did not stay together long enough to develop as a team and sadly disbanded soon after their conception.

As you can imagine, it has been an extremely disappointing journey but it just wasn't meant to be and therefore no longer continuing as an esports organisation.

With that being said ...

As we go into 2019 and beyond, we are refocusing our efforts to host numerous tournaments instead of putting a team forward to play in them.

We haven't seen eye to eye with some existing providers in the way they conduct their competitions and want to change that.
Over the next week or two, we will be developing our site to cater of the competitive scene and host and run a number of tournaments in the coming months.

Make sure you join the discord to stay up to date and contribute in our discussions in order to help shape the future of AboveInfinity and the competitive video game scene.

We will be releasing our roadmap in the next couple of days and we are aiming to be in the position to launch the site before the end of the month.

Wishing To Compete? To Help Out?

Join our Discord to keep up to date with everything relating to the platform and to discuss participation in future competitions, tournaments and other services that we may be involved in.

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